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Is A Wet Dog Food Diet Healthy?

Do you shy away from wet dog food because you think dry is a healthier choice? It’s just not true! Here’s why you should consider making the switch to a wet dog food diet.

Lots of pet parents believe that dry food is a healthier option then wet food – but that’s not true. In fact, wet dog food is just as healthy. That’s why I feed my puppers both dry and wet dog food (wet in the morning, dry in the evening). Let’s talk about healthy wet dog food and its benefits for you and your pooch.

The Benefits of Healthy Wet Dog Food

There are many distinct benefits of feeding your pup a healthy wet dog food. Here are just a few of them:

Protein and Palatability

Wet dog food typically contains more meat protein than dry dog food – plus, they’re made with fewer carbohydrates. This is especially important for puppies, who need protein to help grow up strong. On top of all that, wet dog food contains no synthetic preservatives and no artificial flavorings and colorings. It’s no wonder that dogs find wet food more palatable than dry food. If your dog continually turns his nose up at dry food, give him a bowl of wet food, as it’s all about pleasing his taste buds.

Easier to Chew

Are you shying away from wet dog food because you’re concerned about your dog’s dental health? Fear not – veterinarians say that that feeding your dog wet dog food won’t harm his teeth or gums. And if you have an older dog or one with missing teeth, misaligned jaws or smaller mouths, wet food is easier to eat than dry kibble.

Added Moisture

Some dogs drink less than others. If you’re worried about your dog’s water intake, wet food is a great way to add moisture into his diet. By increasing your dog’s water intake, it will help put less strain on major organs, such as the kidneys, as well as on the urinary tract. This is especially important for diabetic dogs who have kidney issues.

Looking for the right healthy wet dog food? Wellness has a variety of wonderful wet dog food to choose from, including Wellness CORE, Complete Health, Complete Just for Puppies, Stews and Entrees. Packed with protein and vegetables, and available in grain and grain-free options, these recipes are designed for optimal wellbeing and contain all of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your dog needs to thrive.

Easier to Digest

Wet dog food is easier to digest. Pates are smooth, which don’t need as much chewing to break this type of food down. This is a great choice for dogs that gulp down their dinner and get indigestion. If your pooch has digestive difficulties or an upset stomach, the wet food’s high moisture content and soft texture make it easier to digest. Puppies that are being weaned will find wet food easier to digest than a dry diet. Wet dog food is also ideal for dogs recovering from illness or surgery.

Whether you’re looking for balanced nutrition or high-protein recipes, natural wet dog food is a great way to keep your dog happy and healthy.

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