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What Can Be Mixed With Your Dog’s Dry Food?

What can be mixed with dry dog food?

Dry dog food is formulated with all the nutrients your dog needs to thrive, but this doesn’t mean your pup’s meals have to be boring. So, what can be mixed with dry dog food, and can you mix wet and dry dog food? It turns out there are many ways you can jazz up kibble, including with wet dog food!

Since dry dog food has a longer shelf-life, you can add a boost of freshness to your dog’s meal with Wellness Bowl Boosters Tender Toppers® products. These mixers can be used as a topper or a full meal since animal nutritionists and veterinarians scientifically craft each recipe to meet your pup’s nutritional needs. Every ingredient is picked at peak ripeness and then frozen to seal away the freshness until mealtime.

Other mixers and toppers include freeze-dried meat with no other ingredients, delicious pates, and even shredded meat stews! As you can see from the list below, mixers and toppers are varied in texture and ingredients. You’re sure to find something pawfect for your pup.

Different Types of Mixers & Toppers

Just like dog food, there are two types of toppers and mixers: dry and wet.

Which one of these topper options you choose will depend on your pup’s tastebuds and what they’re in the mood for that day! Some mixers and toppers can give kibble an extra nutritional boost by including extra protein, probiotics for better digestion, or joint supporting supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

Who Are Mixers & Toppers For?

Every dog is different, and when it comes to their food, they not only have varying nutritional needs but personal preferences as well. Toppers and mixers give pet parents an assortment of mealtime options without having to become your dog’s personal chef!

  • Picky eaters – Some dogs are fussy eaters. They might get bored easily with the same kibble day after day, or it might take a lot of trial and error to find a dry food they like. Using a scientifically proven natural kibble as a base, you can find the perfect pairing with mixers and toppers. With different types of protein in both wet and dry forms, your picky eater can finally enjoy a meal that meets their high standards.
  • Older dogs – As our pups age, their sense of smell and appetite diminishes. Delicious, flavorful toppers and mixers bring back the fun in eating for your senior dog, encourage their mealtime enthusiasm and ensure empty bowls at every meal.
  • Small dogs – Small breed dogs are known for the big personalities and preference for the finer things in life. Adding gourmet and flavorful wet toppers and mixers delights even the fussiest small breed dogs for delicious dinner times, every time.
  • Dogs with dental issues – If your dog suffers from dental issues, a flavorful wet topper can be gentle on their mouth and if added to kibble, the broth or increased moisture can help soften kibble to make it easier to chew to ensure they eat all of their essential complete and balanced nutrition.
  • Dogs with low appetite – Whether your pup is bored with mealtime, getting over an illness, or just not food driven, they still need to eat to get the nutrients they need to thrive. As a pet parent, you can make mealtime fun again with the novel flavors and smells of Wellness toppers and mixers.

How To Mix Wet And Dry Dog Food

There is no right way to mix wet and dry dog food. It all depends on what your pup needs. Wellness has a wide variety of toppers and mixers so that pet parents can find the perfect way to supercharge their pet’s food.

  • Add a scoop on top like ice cream – After you’ve thawed the Wellness Bowl Boosters Tender Toppers®, take an ice cream scoop or spoon and add a dollop to your pup’s kibble. It’s the canine version of apple pie a la mode!
  • Mix and toss it like a saladWellness Bowl Boosters Tender Toppers® recipes are also easy to stir into dry food. All you need to do is add the mixer and kibble into your pup’s bowl and mix and toss it like a salad.
  • Let it marinate like steak – Some mixers, like the CORE Simply Shreds Mixer or Topper Chicken, Wild Salmon & Pumpkin, have ingredients already sitting in broth. Simply add this mixer to your kibble and let the dry food soak up the broth for an easy-to-chew meal. It’s great for senior pups who have lost teeth but not their love for food. Just make sure you feed it within 15 minutes to ensure it all stays fresh.
  • Sprinkle it like seasoning – If your dog enjoys their kibble, but you want to add a little extra something to their meals, you can sprinkle toppers, such as CORE® Bowl Boosters® Functional Toppers Skin & Coat Health, to the dry food. It’s like adding a pinch of salt to an already delectable meal.

Supercharge your dog’s plain dry food with Wellness Bowl Boosters Tender Toppers® and other Wellness mixers and toppers. Our recipes are formulated for your dog’s nutritional needs. You can use these mixers and toppers as a complete meal or an extra boost of flavor to make mealtime more exciting.

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