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What is the VOHC Seal? What It Means To Be the Best Dog Dental Chew

Like any member of the family, our dog’s teeth don’t require just any dental care—they deserve the best possible doggie dental care to keep them happy and healthy. The kind that comes with an official seal of approval from a trusted and knowledgeable group of experts with pet health and safety top of mind. So, who is that group and what does their approval look like?

Who Is the VOHC?

VOHC stands for the Veterinary Oral Health Council. Yes, a whole council just for our dog’s teeth! This non-profit consists of an international group of board-certified veterinary dentists. It was founded in 1997 as an objective way to recognize effective products in the reduction of plaque and tartar in dogs and cats. Because, sure, a lot of products can claim to improve your pet’s dental health, but we pet parents want to know the ones that actually make a difference and have the credentials to show for it.

Enter the VOHC Seal of Acceptance

First established in the US and now recognized around the world, the VOHC Seal is a way to cut through the clutter of product claims and see right on the package that a product has been tested to do what it says it’ll do—improve our pet’s dental health.

In order to get this seal of approval, a company must perform a series of tests designed by the VOHC to demonstrate their product delivers on its oral health benefits and is worthy of being a VOHC-approved product. Once two independent clinical trials have been completed, the company can submit their results to be reviewed and (hopefully) approved by the VOHC if the pre-set standards are met.

The Standards for Doggie Dental Care

In the case of a dental chew for dogs, two 28-day clinical trials must be performed on the same size dental chew with dogs the right size for that chew. After 28 days of the dogs enjoying their daily dental chew, the average minimum reduction in plaque or tartar in both tests must show at least a 20% reduction in dogs that received the dental chew compared to pets that did not.

After this rigorous scientific testing, it means as a pet parent you can rest easy seeing the VOHC Seal on your dog’s favorite dental chew package knowing that it’s not just any chew, but a VOHC-approved dental chew—the best dog dental chew.

Are WHIMZEES® VOHC-Approved?

The short answer: Yes!

Wellness® is proud to say that through independent trials, WHIMZEES® Brushzees on average reduced the plaque and tartar on dogs’ teeth by 20% in dogs that had the WHIMZEES Dental Chews daily compared to those that did not.

Better yet, in a different test of the competitor dog dental chews, WHIMZEES® were found to have twice (TWICE!) the effectiveness for plaque and tartar reduction when compared to a leading competitor.

Look for the Seal

Next time you find yourself choosing what your dog will chew on, look for a tried-and-true pet dental product like WHIMZEES® with the VOHC Seal of Acceptance. Your dog will thank you—and for more than just keeping their teeth clean.

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