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Why Digestive Health Food is Important for Cats

Digestive health is a key factor that all cat parents should consider when it comes to promoting their cat’s wellbeing. By digesting and absorbing the goodness from their food, your cat can take in all the nutrients needed to stay in top condition. And, with an optimal balance of their gut bacteria or microbiome, your cat can obtain additional health benefits that include everything from optimal digestibility to immune health and skin & coat to body condition. Your cat’s digestive health affects almost every aspect of their health and happiness. It’s the secret to helping every cat achieve a lifetime of wellbeing!

Signs Your Cat May Benefit from Digestive Health Nutrition

Your cat may love their food but, in some cases, her food may simply not always agree with her. Common signs that may suggest your cat is not digesting their food properly include loose stools, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, less energy, increased numbers of hairballs, increased itching or other skin problems including a dull coat. If your cat begins suffering from digestive issues, your first step is to always talk with your veterinarian.  They can give your cat a full health check to ensure there are no underlying health problems that first need to be addressed. Once the vet has given your cat the “all clear,” it may be time to switch her to a premium brand that is focused on delivering both high quality nutrition as well as digestive health benefits. But where do you start?

How to Find the Best Cat Food to Support Digestive Health

  • Look at the ingredients: Cats need a high-protein and meat-rich diet. You will want to see fresh meat as the first ingredient and concentrated meat proteins as the second and third ingredients.
  • Determine if the recipe provides highly digestible nutrition. When a recipe is highly digestible your cat can get the most out of their food and best of all, it can also promote smaller and firmer stools in the litter box.
  • Look for wholesome, natural ingredients formulated to be complete and balanced nutrition. This is your way of knowing the recipe will deliver all the key nutrients they need for their health and wellbeing.
  • Check for healthy fats including guaranteed levels of omega fatty acids to support a healthy skin and coat.
  • And when it comes to digestive health, you want to see scientifically proven supplements that support optimal digestion and a healthy balance of the microbiome:
    • Dietary fiber helps promote the overall health of the digestive system and supports the regular movement of food through the intestinal tract.
    • Prebiotics like FOS and MOS work to support the optimal balance of bacteria in the microbiome.  With an increase in the number of good bacteria and the decrease of the bad bacteria you cat is less likely to suffer an upset.
    • Guaranteed probiotics when added in the form of probiotic kibble work by adding more live and healthy microorganisms into the microbiome to further optimize the balance to help deliver inner wellbeing.

Introducing Wellness CORE Digestive Health

Knowing the importance of delivering the highest quality nutrition to optimize digestibility, Wellness CORE Digestive Health has the perfect recipe for your cat if you want to fuel their inner wellbeing. Available in highly-digestible, tasty wet meals and dry recipes, Wellness CORE Digestive Health promotes nutrient absorption while optimizing a healthy digestive tract. With Wellness, a lifetime of wellbeing starts from within.

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