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Why Turkey is So Good for Your Pets

Cats are carnivores and dogs are omnivores, which means there are vital nutrients that come from meat that benefit both species. Turkey is among the healthiest meats for pets. Why is turkey so good for pets? It’s nutrient-packed and lean. There are multiple benefits to your pet from turkey meat as well as plenty of ways to serve it to them.

Turkey Helps Build Your Pet’s Muscles

Turkey is a lean protein that is great for helping your pet build strong, lean muscles. What’s more, the protein-packed turkey meat gives your pet lots of energy. The combination leads to a strong, healthy, active pet.

Turkey is Packed with Nutrients Your Pet Needs

Turkey not only has lots of protein, but it also has multiple vitamins and nutrients that your pet needs. These are the main vitamins and nutrients found in turkey as well as how they benefit your pet.

  • Zinc supports your pet’s thyroid function and immune system. Zinc also helps your pet have and maintain healthy skin and fur.
  • Iron is used by red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the remainder of the body. Pets need oxygenated blood for energy as well as for other bodily functions.
  • Potassium is critical for energy and appetite; this mineral charges your pet’s heart, nerves, and muscles. Flagging energy and no appetite is a sign of low potassium stores.
  • Phosphorus works with calcium to maintain your pet’s bones and teeth.
  • Vitamin B6 is a heavy-hitter critical to help your pet synthesize niacin (explained below), to produce glucose, to support red blood cell and nervous system functions, to regulate hormones, to support immune response, and to facilitate gene activation.
  • Riboflavin (B2) is essential for metabolizing amino acids and carbohydrates.
  • Niacin (B3) supports metabolic reactions in pets; it’s vital for energy and for digesting carbohydrates and proteins. Lack of niacin leads to poor appetite, gum inflation, weight loss, and digestive issues.

Because vitamins and minerals are not naturally produced by your pet and have to be consumed for pets to get them, it’s important that you buy a food rich in vitamins and minerals, such as turkey, to ensure they get what they need to thrive.

Turkey is Easy to Digest

In addition to being packed with important nutrients, turkey is easy for cats and dogs to digest. Good digestion is important for energy and overall bodily function.

Turkey is Versatile & Easy to Prepare

Turkey is also one of those meats that you can prepare for your pet; however, there are some important caveats to be mindful of if you’d like to serve your pet turkey you prepare at home.

  • Turkey needs to be cooked as raw meat can facilitate the spread of bacteria.
  • Turkey has small and easily-broken bones, which can cause major harm to your pet if ingested. Thus, turkey needs to be removed from the bone and cut into pieces for your pet to consume.
  • Turkey cannot be cooked with seasonings (especially garlic or onion powder). Turkey for your pet has to be plain.
  • The turkey should not have skin or fat on it. Turkey fat can cause health issues including but not limited to pancreatitis in your pet.

So, if you’re cooking a big family dinner and want your pet to partake in the turkey, purchase a separate small bird to prepare with no seasoning, skin, fat, or bones. Alternatively, you can also purchase pet foods with turkey in it for a delicious and nutritious treat.

Turkey is Versatile & Easy to Serve to Your Pets

There are multiple pet foods for dogs and for cats that features turkey as a main ingredient. These come in dry formulas, wet formulas that are sliced, minced, shredded, pate-style, etc., snacks, raw, and toppers. Note that raw pet food made by a company goes through a process that eliminates the bacteria and makes it safe for your pet to consume.

When shopping for turkey-based pet food and pet food snacks and toppers, read the ingredient label; the label should list the meat as the first ingredient. Pet food labels always list the ingredients based on volume, so if turkey is the first ingredient, then you know that product is chock full of turkey and its healthy vitamins and nutrients.

Healthy pets are happy pets, and turkey is one of those meats that pets not only love but it’s one that loves their minds and bodies in return. Make turkey a regular part of your pet’s diet. Find a wet food, dry, food or tasty snack made from real turkey and other natural ingredients such as those we make at Wellness Pet Food. Turkey is good for your pets, so we use it in many of our delicious recipes.

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