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Why Wet Cat Food Is Essential For Your Cat’s Wellbeing

Discover the Benefits of Adding Wet Food to Your Cat’s Daily Diet

When you’re looking for the healthiest cat food, it’s easy to first think of only one kind of food for your cat: dry food. Gravy or no gravy, wet food (also known as canned food) is often thought of as a special treat or for a specific diet.

But we’ve got news for you and your cat’s daily menu (and, no, your cat didn’t ask us to write this!)—some of the best food for a cat can actually come out of a can or pouch.

Yes, it’s true. That juicy canned food that really gets your cat’s motor going makes a lot more run smoothly inside your favorite feline than just a roaring purr.

Benefit #1: Hydration Is Key

“At 75-80% moisture, wet food acts like a big drink supporting hydration,” explains Dr. Danielle Bernal, D.V.M. and Global Director of Vet Nutrition at Wellness®.

All of that moisture in your cat’s meal is not only easy to lap up, but also boosts your cat’s water intake with every bite, adding up to one hydrated kitty no matter how much time they spend at the water bowl. Just like with us humans, hydration is an important part of your cat’s overall wellbeing and, specifically, their urinary tract health.

Benefit #2: Variety Is the Spice of Life

Speaking of health, it’s healthy to crave a little something different at different meals, especially when we’re talking about varying nutritional benefits. Even if your cat’s dry food is complete and balanced, mixing in wet food can be an effective way to naturally widen their nutritional intake with different and highly digestible proteins, fats, and, as your cat would remind you, flavors.

Benefit #3: Enthusiastic Eating

Any way you slice, mince, or shred it, adding some canned food to a meal is adding extra excitement to your cat’s day. Even the fussiest of cats will have a hard time making a fuss over all the flavors, forms, and textures available.

But What’s Most Essential of All?

The best food for a cat is healthy food, and the type of wet food you choose to feed your cat makes all the difference. You want a moisture-packed recipe that’s also packed with the right nutrition to keep your cat healthy, happy, and hydrated.

Try Wellness® Wet Recipes

Wellness® wet cat foods are made with your cat’s wellbeing in mind. Our natural recipes combine fresh meat with healthy fats for a balanced diet that delivers on necessary nutrients and outstanding taste. 9 out of 10 cats love Wellness® (and that’s saying something coming from cats)!

Our high-quality ingredients are also scientifically crafted to support the following 5 Signs of Wellbeing:

all day energy icon
healthy digestion icon
healthy skin & coat icon
immune health icon
healthy teeth & bones icon


100% Catisfaction Guaranteed

While your veterinarian can help you determine how much wet food to feed your cat, your cat will be sure to help you determine which recipes they want to feast on. Wellness® is so sure your cat will find a tasty, healthy option they love that we offer a 100% guarantee. Love it or return it!

Mix It Up at Mealtime

Once you decide on the right balance of wet and dry food for your particular cat, it’s time to make your furry friend’s day by adding wet cat food to your cat’s healthy diet. Your cat will love you even more for it—and you’ll love knowing you’re giving them the mix of healthy cat foods they need for nine lifetimes of wellbeing.

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