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holiday gift guide for pets 2017With preparation for the holiday season in full-swing, we’re in search of gifts for family and friends that guide them into the New Year on a positive note. And gifts for our beloved pets are no different. We’ve curated ten of the best gifts for 2017 for dogs and cats that help bring wellbeing to our pets through play, nutrition and love:

Top Gifts for Dogs in 2017

1. Dog Bowl Water Bottle

dog water bottle portable bowl
If your playful pup loves long walks and being outdoors and if you’ve ever been caught without a way to get your pup fresh water, the Dog Bowl Water Bottle is a perfect solution for keeping your furry friend hydrated no matter where you roam. This nifty accessory comes from by California maker Gary Ross and Bongo, his product test Poodle.

2. Embark Veterinary Dog DNA Test

embark dog dna test
Most dog owners have mixed-breed pups and finding out what your doggy’s DNA is could be a treat for you and your dog! The advantages of knowing your pet’s DNA aren’t just for vanity—they’re also helpful in knowing the best food and veterinary care to get for your pet, because different breeds are vulnerable to different health problems as they age. Plus, the Embark test has great reviews, provides detailed results and arrives in time for Christmas.

3. Wellness WellBites Gingerbread Dog Treats

Wellness wellbites gingerbread flavored grain free dog treats

Help your furry friend snack smart this season with a winter treat that is as healthy as it is delicious. Wellness Soft Wellbites grain free gingerbread dog treats are perfect for training or treating and have the aroma and taste of spicy gingerbread. Pick some up and pop them in your dog's stocking! You can find them at your local pet store, pet specialty store or online at Chewy or Amazon.

4. Pawtection Stick by Natural Dog Company

pawtection stick by natural dog company

Pawtection stick by natural dog company is perfect easy-to-use protection for those snowy walks and salty roads. PawTection is an organic, vegan, all-natural blend of carefully selected waxes and oils. PawTection is specially formulated to create a nourishing barrier to protect sensitive paw pads against the elements.

5. Kurgo Wapple Ball

wapple ball dog toy
Inspired by the 1953 Whiffle® Ball, the Kurgo Wapple BallTM provides your pup with a chew-friendly version of this classic toy. The ball works great with a bat, tennis racquet, lacrosse stick – the regular size Wapple will even fit your large Chuckit® stick! This ball has a great bounce when used on solid ground for those dogs that love to jump and it even floats on water for year-round use.

Top Gifts for Cats in 2017

6. Feline Fleece Fortune Cookies

stuffed catnip fortune cookie cat toy

Cats go crazy for catnip, and you can feel extra good about these stuffed fortune cookies for kitties by Uncommon Goods’ makers Trish & Aidan Iriye-Robson because not only do they have positive fortunes like, “May you climb to greatness,” but they’re organic and each is handmade. How fortunate!

7. Wellness Kittles Cat Treats

Wellness Kittles
Photo via JlCallari

Cats love grain free Wellness Kittles. Better yet, they're less than one calorie each.

I always add a bag of treats to my autoship every month, and decided to try these. My cats are literally obsessed with these treats. The second I get the bag out they are jumping all over me trying to rip the bag out of my hands. They have never acted this way with any other kind of treat. Plus, these treats are natural and healthier than many others. –lexibrooke

8. Catit Flower Fountain

cat water fountain
It’s important for your cat’s health that they stay hydrated. Keep your cat feeling fresh as a daisy with a flowing water fountain and bowl. Many cats prefer to drink only fresh water. This affordable dish keeps water oxygenated, bacteria-free, and fresh tasting.

9. TeePee Bed

hooded cat bed

What’s better than to cozy up with a good blanket? This memory foam sleep and play cat bed from PAW is the perfect hideaway for your feline friends. The teepee style enclosed cat bed provides the feeling of safety and solitude and features a dangling sherpa pompom and bell for a little fun while lounging. 

10. Catit Senses 2.0 Super Circuit Cat Toy

catit cat toy
If you like the idea of one toy that fits all, then the Catit Senses 2.0 Super Circuit Cat Toy is your answer. Create different tracks to roll the ball through. Your cat will be stimulated and motivated for playtime. 

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