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Wellness Foundation Partners With Best Friends Animal Society



Here at Wellness Pet Food we are committed to making the world a better place for pets everywhere. That’s why we started the Wellness Foundation, with a mission that goes beyond nutrition to help pets be #RaisedWithLove!


As the Official Pet Food Partner of Best Friends, we are proud to provide natural pet food for the animals they rescue, so they have access to the healthiest nutrition possible.

We are also committed to helping the pets at Best Friends find forever homes. And when they do, we want their first meal to be from us, so we send their new families home with FREE Wellness pet food. Because pets deserve nothing less than the most nutrient-dense goodness in every bowl, starting with the first one.


By adopting a pet from responsible, no-kill animal shelters, you’re giving them room to save another pet from unhealthy environments. Adopting not only saves the life of your new pet, but it also makes a spot available for another pet to be at shelters like these. 

  Are you ready to join the movement?

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