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“A” Grade Accreditation in Rigorous Food Safety Audit of our Minnesota-based Farm Fresh Kitchens

Whole pieces of freeze-dried meat are one of the products made daily in our Farm Fresh Kitchens.
We’re so proud to share that our Minnesota-based Farm Fresh Kitchens manufacturing facility has earned the grade “A” certification by the British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) Global Standard for Food Safety. The certification is a testament to our hardworking team, commitment to quality and strategic facility investments.

BRC accreditation Wellness Pet Food

The BRC’s globally recognized standards set the benchmark for manufacturing practices and assure that our products and recipes are safe, legal and of high quality. As a rigorous third-party accreditation, companies must execute exceptional, ethical and safe practices to earn a high BRC certification.

“Accountability is central to all that we do as a team of pet parents who are driven to craft only the best food for our pets, so they can live longer, healthier and happier lives. Our high marks from the BRC shows this commitment, and we’re incredibly proud of our Farm Fresh Kitchens team for creating an environment where quality and food safety are the top priorities,” says Colm Geraghty, global vice president of Operations at WellPet. “We set the bar high, and our team’s careful oversight and unwavering devotion to quality is a common thread across all that we do.”

The A grade accreditation enables pet parents, customers and partners to place the utmost trust and confidence in our pet food and treats.

According to the BRC, the Global Standard for Food Safety focuses on:

  • Senior management commitment and the development of a culture of product safety
  • Evaluation of food safety for products and processes, to ensure the safety of products based on analysis and critical control points and a food safety plan
  • Quality management systems for the documentation of organizational and management policies and procedures
  • Environmental and operational conditions necessary for the production of safe food
  • Development of prevention systems to protect the site and make sure only authentic food ingredients are purchased
  • Encouraging sites to develop robust systems for product security and food defense
  • Requirements for high-care production zones

If you have any questions about our facilities or which recipes are best for your pet, please contact our Consumer Affairs team via our Live Chat or here.

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