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Adding Wet Cat Food To Your Cat’s Healthy Diet

3 Tips on How to Introduce Wet Food to Cats

For many cats, it’s as simple as cracking open the canned food—and they’ll happily come running! But whether you’ve got a perky or a picky eater on your hands, it’s important to take it slow when adding or transitioning to wet cat food. (Their tummies will thank you, even if their meow is saying, “More, more, more”!)

Here are a few tips to help ensure a smooth change in diet and keep your cat happy and healthy when the canned food comes out.

Tip #1: Start Small

When you first offer it, try adding the wet food to your cat’s diet as a treat—and make it feel like a treat, too! Put a heaped teaspoon in a saucer or on a small plate, and let your cat enjoy (just make sure it isn’t left out all day). You can also try adding a teaspoon as a “topping” (the cherry on top!) to their usual dry food.

Tip #2: Serve at Room Temp

Your best bet on temperature is to stick to room temperature. Not too hot, not too cold! Hopefully, just right. But if your kitty’s still turning their nose up at even the best wet cat food, and you need to get that cute little nose’s attention, you can try placing the unopened can in a bowl of warm water prior to serving to gently warm it and enhance its aroma. Just make sure it’s only lukewarm and not hot when serving.

Tip #3: Keep Protein the Same as Dry Food

Last but certainly not least, it’s worth starting with a taste of the familiar in this new and exciting form. So if they think the best foods for cats always involve chicken, then by all means, give them chicken! Keep that protein the same as they’re used to, and try out a few different forms and textures (think: pâté, minced, gravies) to see what keeps them coming back. Over time, start dipping a paw into even more flavors and forms to keep them happy and healthy. Cats enjoy different tastes and textures, just like we do. Mixing it up keeps them on their toes and also helps you avoid any fuss if a recipe changes or becomes harder to find than another.

A Good Place and Taste to Start

Wellness® wet cat foods offer a wide variety of proteins, flavors, forms, and textures to satisfy your cat’s particular tastes. The Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free and CORE Grain-Free recipes especially have a lot of protein and texture options to explore.

We also offer different sizes for different appetites and households: 1.75 oz for a tasty snack or topper, 3 oz for the perfect meal, 5.5 oz for multi-cat households, and 12 oz for a great value and cats that eat more wet than dry.

All of our natural recipes combine premium proteins to deliver a balanced diet full of the nutrients your cat needs for a lifetime of well-being. You can see that for yourself in the 5 Signs of Wellbeing:

all day energy icon


healthy digestion icon


healthy skin & coat icon


immune health icon


healthy teeth & bones icon

Equally important, 9 out of 10 cats love Wellness® so you can be sure it satisfies their taste buds, too!

Bring On the Wet Food Benefits

Wet cat food is essential for your cat’s wellbeing and there’s no time like today’s mealtime to introduce wet food to your cat’s daily diet. So get out that teaspoon and treat your cat to a refreshing mix of the healthiest cat foods—wet and dry—that they can happily sink their teeth into.

*Based on Studies of Wellness® cat food at an Independent Kennel. Data on file.

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