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Clean Eating for Dogs: What’s It All About?

The Clean Eating trend has fast become one of the largest diet philosophies that people all around the word have adopted into their homes on their continuous quest to improve their health and wellbeing. Focused on fueling one’s body with real, whole foods and natural ingredients, Clean Eating has been associated with health benefits such as weight loss, increased energy levels and even as a solution of common ailments such as digestive and skin concerns.

Clean eating for humans involves key principles that align with the basic practice of healthy eating:

  • Eat real, whole food ingredients that nourish your body such as lean proteins, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits. These ingredients should be used to create balanced, healthy meals
  • Avoid highly-processed and over-refined packaged foods, snacks, sweets and all items with a long list of ingredients or artificial colors, preservatives and flavors
  • Get plenty of physical activity during the day, get enough sleep at night and manage stress in healthy ways.

Can Clean Eating Extend to Your Dog?

Absolutely! It goes without saying that dogs are not people. They have a unique set of nutritional needs that must be met to ensure their health and wellbeing; however, you can adopt similar Clean Eating principles for them as you do yourself. Focus on feeding them foods that are made from a simple recipe of whole foods with identifiable ingredients and are formulated to meet their nutritional needs without any artificial additives

Is Clean Eating Suitable for All Dogs or Only Those With Sensitivities?

Clean eating is suitable for all dogs! For many pet parents, the ingredients that  their dog eats (or doesn’t eat) has fast become the most important factor that they consider when selecting a food. By excluding ingredients such as low quality proteins, highly processed grains and long ingredient lists, many pet parents have seen their dog’s skin, coat and digestive health improve. You can expect to see any dog’s health and wellbeing maximized with a natural diet that focuses on whole food ingredients.

How Do I Select a “Clean” Food for My Dog?

  • Look for a limited ingredient recipe: A limited ingredient recipe, contains a short list of hard-working, main ingredient source that are carefully chosen to maximize nutrition and digestibility while avoiding common allergens.
  • Select a meat-rich diet that is based on one, novel protein source: Meat should always be a key ingredient in your dog’s diet. A superior high-quality animal protein source supports digestibility and creates less work on the digestive system.
  • Look for whole food, grain-free diets with recognizable carbohydrates: Ingredients such as chickpeas and peas deliver superior nutritional benefits compared to that of highly processed alternatives like tapioca and potato starch for a more nutritious meal, and the exclusion of grains such as wheat and corn helps reduce exposure to common food allergies.
  • Ensure ingredient superiority by checking that the ingredient sourcing details: Clean recipes will contain non-GMO sourced ingredients and thoughtfully-sourced animal proteins.
  • Avoid the nasties: Most brands will call out loud and clear what they exclude, but always check the ingredient list to ensure there are no unwanted fillers added to bulk up the food and that the ingredients are definitely natural with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives used.

Choosing whole food, healthy ingredients that are crafted into a clean, high-protein, limited ingredient recipe  for your dog will not only allow them to join you in eating clean, but more importantly, will ensure that they have optimal nutrition to fuel a long, happy and playful life by your side.

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