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How Your Pets Can Help with Anxiety When You’re Under Quarantine

Pets can sense more than we realize. They know when we are sick, they know when we’ve had a bad day and they know when we need some extra love as we traverse a tough breakup. Heck, they can even sense natural disasters before they happen! But when the world hits pause, and we are told to stay in our homes, we enter uncharted territory. How do we combat the fear of the unknown when we can’t leave our homes? Two words–our pets.

Let’s take a moment to turn away from our fears and toward our furry friends. It’s time we realize all the benefits our four-legged family members have to offer.

It’s Science!

As we approach and experience lockdowns and quarantines from the COVID-19 virus, this new territory can cause our nerves to rattle and our anxiety to rear its ugly head, but this is the time where our pets can shine. Did you know the medical field encourages furry family members based on real data? Scientific research has shown the relationships between pets and their owners decrease anxiety, depression and loneliness and support general wellness. Through a series of testing, scientists have seen pet interactions lower blood pressure and heart rate which reduce feelings of stress and anxiety by lowering cortisol levels. Animals causing humans joy is literally science!

Pets also give their owners purpose by providing a consistent support that establishes routine. When we decide to get a pet, we essentially become a parent. Natural instincts kick in and enhance our self-worth by creating purpose through feeding, bathing, walking, and more. Believe it not, this type of stability creates certainty in the brain that fosters mental health and overall wellbeing.

While interacting with animals is scientifically shown to improve our moods, knowing you have an animal friend with you through tough times significantly impacts our hearts and psyches. Pets provide us with a sense of security, especially through difficult experiences. When you go home, you know you have a furry friend you can count on who doesn’t judge or cause emotional harm. Think about the surge of pet-therapy animals that are sweeping the nation ensuring their owners feel comfortable and safe everywhere they go, allowing them to regain a sense of confidence and peace in an ever-changing world.

Beyond pet therapy, everyday pet owners are reaping the benefits of being around their animals. In a survey from the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute, three-quarters of people who owned pets reported their mental health improved simply from having animals in the home. The institute also conducted a study in which 80% of pet owners said they feel less lonely because of their pet, while

76% of non-pet owners agreed that interacting with animals can reduce the feeling of social isolation. Our animal friends keep our moods elevated and our spirits lifted by offering us constant companionship and unconditional love.

Finding Peace in a Time of Crisis

While it may feel difficult in the beginning stages of this pandemic, there is always a silver lining. We have time to slow down, get grounded and find peace in new ways. For many of us working folks, we only see our animals after a long day away from home. Now, we can find the time to give them the love they deserve, and more importantly, let them love us back. We can’t control the world around us, but we can control our time with our loved ones which include our pets.

Through time at home, we too can benefit from the advantages and benefits our pets naturally offer. You may be stuck in the house, but you are never alone when it comes to your pets. They wake up with you in the morning, help you cook your daily meals and if permitted, they get you out of the house on a daily walk. They are your TV buddy, your reading partner and of course, the best snugglers known to man. When you are feeling overwhelmed by the weight of the world, stop, drop what you are doing and go to your animal friend for a sloppy kiss or a long hug.

Make sure you reward your pets with some great treats during this trying time. Check out the array of products Wellness Pet Food has to offer. From all-natural food to healthy snacks for dog and cats, show your pets how much you appreciate them and reciprocate their unconditional love.

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