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The Best 10 Things about Adopting a Senior Pet

Pets are wonderful additions to any family. They sense our moods, they protect us, they love us unconditionally, they help put us at ease at the end of a long day, and so much more. This is especially true of senior pets. Thinking about adopting? November is National Senior Pet Month, and these are the best 10 things that you get when you grow your family by adopting a senior pet.

Senior Pets are Actually Quite Young

First, know that the age range for a senior pet is wide, starting at age seven, so many senior pets are actually quite young considering cats and dogs typically live to ages ten to fifteen or more. This leaves years for meaningful companionship and making happy memories together. When it comes to pets, the word senior pertains more to maturity than to advanced age.

Senior Pets are Calm Companions

Puppies and kittens have so much energy. They bounce, jump, and play with abandon—sometimes too much abandon. While senior dogs can still be high energy, they are more reserved and are more likely to walk with you on your evening stroll versus trying to walk you. Senior pets will greet you at the door after work, but they will not tackle you at the door after work. For anyone who is tired at the end of the day, this is one of the best things about adopting a senior pet. They’re just more laid back, which can also help reduce stress for humans.

You Don’t Have to Spend as Much Time Training Senior Pets

If you’ve ever had a baby animal (or human), you know that young pets have accidents before they learn how to signal the need to relieve themselves or to find their litter box. Likewise, baby pets have to be taught what is okay and not okay to scratch, to chew, to sit on, to eat, etc. Senior pets arrive already knowing how to signal their restroom needs, and if they’ve had previous owners, then they’ll also know how to mind their manners in your home.

Senior Pets Require Less Supervision

By requiring less supervision, we don’t mean that you shouldn’t spend lots of quality time with your pet…what we mean is that senior pets won’t ask for multiple potty runs during the middle of the night; it means that you won’t have to wonder what he’s up to when you’re not around or at work.

Senior Pets Have Established Personalities

Just as with people, pet personalities evolve as pets grow. Senior pets, though, have established personalities and habits, which makes it easy for you to determine if you and the cat or dog you’ve just met are going to be good together.

It’s Easy to Know if a Senior Pet Will Fit into Your Family

Because senior pets have established personalities and their history is often known, you can find a pet who fits well into your lifestyle, whether that is solo in a small apartment or in a big family with kids or other pets.

You Get a Better Night’s Rest with a Senior Pet

Mature cats and dogs are accustomed to sleeping at night. With senior pets, there won’t be impromptu play times or playful gnawing on your toes. Senior pets will be happy to cuddle up right alongside you and get some serious snoozes in. No better companion for Netflix binges than a senior pet!

Some Veterinary Care is Usually Already Handled

Rarely is the case where a senior pet has not already been spayed or neutered. Further, most senior pets have already received their vaccines, distempers, heartworm, rabies, flea and tick, and other treatments, which makes it easy for you to step in and continue their care.

Senior Pets Know How to Show Gratitude

Whatever the circumstances are that merited need for adoption, senior dogs seem to have an intuition about what a blessing it is to be adopted into a loving home. They show their gratitude by being extra loving, affectionate, protective, and obedient. They are happy to take long walks with you, to sit patiently on car rides, or cuddle on the couch.

You Know You’ve Done a Great Thing by Adopting a Senior

Lastly, when you adopt a senior pet, you’ve given a beloved and deserving cat or dog the chance to enjoy a quality of life they’d never experience if left in a shelter. Many senior shelter pets awaiting adoption were abandoned due to owner death or relocation or inability to provide proper care. By adopting one of these pets, you are making life extra special for both of you.

All animals make great companions, but senior pets are extra special, which is why we at Wellness Pet Food are so impassioned about supporting National Senior Pet Month. It’s also why all of our pet foods for cats and dogs are specially formulated to promote health and longevity, so you and your pet can spend many years making memories together.

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