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Why Black Cats Are The Best Pets

National Black Cat Day is October 27. The reason we need such special recognition days is because black cats have been so misunderstood and maligned throughout history. So, on this day, here’s a chance to think about some of the ways in which black cats make the best pets. It’s a chance to educate and spread the word about how wonderful black cats are.

Eight Reasons Black Cats Are The Best Companions:

1.  Let’s start with the absolute outward beauty of the coat. Black cats look sophisticated. If the cat is kept healthy and fed excellent quality food, the black coat should be sleek, shiny and simply gorgeous. A black cat always looks as if they are ready for a formal night out on the town.

2.  In addition to the black cat’s elegance, they also look like a little panther gracefully roaming around. It’s as if you have a little piece of the wild in your home. A black cat walking or running through the house is the picture of grace, stealth, mystery and beauty.

black cat eyes

3.    The expressive eyes of a black cat are striking against the black fur. The amount of melanin is what gives the black cat’s eyes a golden color. Some black cats have green eyes as well. Those beautiful eyes are perfectly framed by the sleek, black fur. When a black cat is looking at you, it’s hard to resist the expression in those magnificently highlighted eyes.

4.    Research suggests that the genetic mutation in black cats may help make them more resistant to certain illnesses, such as feline immunodeficiency virus.

5.    Black cats have long endured cruelty and horrible misconceptions due to myths and superstitions. For so many years, countless black cats have also been passed over in terms of adoption due to inaccurate beliefs. Black cats are no different than any other cat. By adopting a black cat you have the opportunity to help put an end to misconceptions. Friends and family who may view black cats negatively will visit your home and see for themselves how wrong they have been in their attitude toward these beautiful and loving felines.

blk cat cuddle

6.    Black cats are almost always available at shelters. Imagine, being able to adopt such a gorgeous cat for a nominal fee. Such beauty awaits you at your local shelter. Though many uninformed people may pass by the black cat due to misconceptions, you can truly be the lucky one who gives a forever home to a cat so deserving.

7.    Your black cat will help you become a much better photographer. It takes a little more skill to capture the facial features of a black cat. You need to pay attention to lighting and background. If you make sure there’s adequate lighting across the face (don’t use a flash), you can capture those magnificent eyes as well as the delicate outlines of the nose and mouth. Proper lighting will also highlight the sleekness of the stunning black coat. Some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen are of black cats.

8.    While black cats have been maligned, they have also been viewed as good luck in many parts of the world. In many countries, a black cat is considered good luck. In Japan, if a single woman owns a black cat, it’s believed to increase the number of her romantic interests. England and Scotland also view black cats as good luck. In Russia, all cats are considered good luck. So instead of believing in bad luck, choose to believe the good fortune that black cats are known for.

The bottom line is that by believing black cats bring bad luck or that they are associated with evil, everyone loses – the cats and the people who miss out on experiencing the love they offer. Black cats make the best pets, just as any cat makes the best pet because you and your cat get to experience love and a special bond.

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