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Since 1926, Wellness Pet Company has only ever crafted natural* pet nutrition. It is the cornerstone of who we are and how we ensure the quality of nutrition that we deliver to pets. But what does natural* mean? For Wellness, natural* is defined as nutrition that is based upon the ingredients we carefully select, sourced from the highest quality plant and animal sources. We know pet parents today want natural* food for their pets the same way they would want healthy meal options for themselves and at the heart of that desire is the goal of feeding a recipe that includes real food and functional ingredients without unnecessary added artificial enhancements like artificial coloring, flavoring, and preservatives. Wellness strives to ensure the finest quality natural* ingredients to ensure that our recipes translate into nutrient rich food to fuel a life of wellbeing for our pets.

* With added vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients

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1.   Natural* Ingredients Carefully Sourced & Crafted

We believe the peak product performance of Wellness comes from using real, natural fruits and vegetables, wholesome carbohydrates, and high-quality animal proteins. When it comes to the sourcing of ingredients Wellness Pet Company firmly believes that the breadth and rigor of all pet food safety practices starts with the partnership with reliable suppliers who provide the finest quality ingredients. For each recipe, our team of experts including veterinarians, food scientists, technicians and PhD nutritionists work to ensure these ingredients are tailored into a customized recipe that exceed the nutritional needs of all dogs and cats to fuel a life of wellbeing. Each carefully chosen ingredient is combined to deliver superior nutrition for each pet’s unique life stage and lifestyle needs.


2.   Scientifically Proven

From our foundation of the finest quality ingredients, every Wellness complete and balanced dry dog and cat recipe is scientifically proven to demonstrate that our recipes support optimal nourishment for pets and to assure pet parents that they are feeding the highest quality nutrition to their pet. At Wellness we see industry standards as just a starting place. Not only do all our dog and cat complete and balanced products meet the pet food industry standards- but also most of them go well beyond them, following the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (AAFCO) guidelines, which encourage pet food companies to conduct scientific feeding trials to ensure their foods result in positive outcomes for pets.


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3.   Pet Food You Can Trust

At Wellness Pet Company we are privileged to be seen as one of the leading natural* pet food companies globally. For almost 100 years we have been crafting pet nutrition and we firmly believe that it is our duty to pet owners and their animals to uphold only the best manufacturing practices, robust food safety processes and quality assurance programs so that we can produce one of the healthiest and safest pet food in the world for dogs and cats. For Wellness, making the superior natural* pet food is a combination of selecting only the finest quality ingredients and combining them with the highest level of care and commitment within our company owned manufacturing facilities.


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* With added vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients